About Furniture Design Australia

Furniture Design Adelaide

As a family-owned and operated business, Furniture Design Australia was established in Adelaide in 1993, committed to crafting elegantly designed furniture from the finest timbers. Our acquisitions over the years, including the iconic Fowler’s Bay jetty in Ceduna, Wool Sheds in Port Adelaide, and Brighton jetty, allowed us bringing exquisite and timeless furniture design to the market by our skilled craftsmen.

Bringing fresh new design ideas

As our story unfolded over the decades, we continued to craft furniture designed with elegance for Australian homes, bringing new and fresh design ideas and thoughtfully considering living trends coupled with modern functionality.

Commitment to design

Our commitment to style and design continues as we source the highest quality timber. We proudly work with select-grade timbers such as Oak and Blackwood to design exclusive furniture that will bring a distinct and sophisticated difference to your home.

Furniture Design Australia 35 Anzac Highway Adelaide

Dual dining collections

As we embark on our journey of growth, we embrace our Australian heritage of craftsmanship combined with our global perspective as we take pride in introducing our new Continental collection. This exclusive selection showcases timeless furniture crafted exclusively from solid wood, marking us as the exclusive reseller of the Karpenter® brand in South Australia. With two exclusive furniture collections moving forward, our commitment is centered to “offer inspirational furniture design for modern dining spaces” and reflects a continuous dedication to craftmanship, unique style and design.